Lightning Cell SBX 1500

The SBX 1500 features removable Acid Platinum-plated top posts and an internal digital voltmeter. The meter display has a remote turn on so it only comes on with your stereo or external switched trigger. The display is a low-current “pulsing” display which pulsates at a high frequency, giving the appearance of being on constantly. This helps reduce the current requirement. The unit also features a “Test” button for checking the voltage. The SBX 1500 weighs in at 30 lbs. It measures 6.8- x 9.75- x 5.25-inches which gives it an overall volume of about 348 cubic inches and a footprint of 51 square inches.

Test Results
The SBX 1500 produced a constant 350 watts for about 32 minutes before its voltage dropped below 10.5 V. This gives us 377 watt-minutes per pound or 6.4 watt-hours per pound. During test two, the SBX 1000 produced a maximum of 225 amps at 10.5 V, which means it is capable of producing 7.5 amps per pound.

Test 1 (350 Watts): 32.3 min. (0.55 Hour)
Watt-Min./Pound: 1.077 x 350 = 377
Watt-Hours/Pound: .0183 x 350 = 6.4

Test 2 (Amps @ 10.5 V): 225 amps
Amps/Pound: 225/30 = 7.5
Weight: 30 lbs.